Helping Individuals Develop a Partnership with the Earth

Our cutting-edge science with a special application process can help you save 1,000s of gallons of water and have a better-looking lawn or crop at the same time.

we need to meet the needs of tomorrow, today.

Droughts are intensifying. Water resources are becoming stretched. Natural environments are breaking under the pressure of pollution. Humanity, in varying ways, is doing what it can through groups, organizations, and taxes to fix the damage before us. The problem is, Nature doesn’t take a bribe. We need more than money to meet the needs of the world in which we live. We need to turn to Bactelife, microscopic life, to meet the needs of future generations.


Our planet uses bacteria as the Engine of Life. There are necessary micro-organisms that all green spaces require to conserve water, enhance soil, and support plant life. Without these micro-organisms, your soil is really just dirt. Bactelife’s H2Organix specialized product, is an environmental engine that can make nutrients available to plants, form active soil, and conserve water.

More Green for Less Green

  • Reduce Water Usage considerably in 12 Weeks
  • Start Forming Soil Beneath Your Lawns Now
  • Keep Lawns Green Watering 1-2 Times Per Week
  • Pay Less by Using Less Water, Fertilizer, and Pesticides

A Product That Works

See the difference in just 92 days and 3 Treatments!

residential 92-day progress


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Conserve Water. Improve Soil. Partner With Nature.