Bactelife empowers everyone to make a difference through Climate Smart Products. Whether you are a farmer or a lawn caretaker, each can go a little further to integrate practices that save water, improve soil, and truly partner with nature.

For Agriculture:

  • To reduce irrigation water needs for plant life by 50%

  • Reduce traditional NPK fertilizers by 50-100%

  • All while increasing Quality and Quantity of crops

For Lawn Care:

  • Reducing irrigation water needs for lawns by 50-75%

  • Eliminate animal urine spots, pathogenic fungus damage, and dry spots

  • Create climate smart lawns that eliminate runoff problems to the environment.

Bactelife has multiple years of testing and utilizing climate smart products consisting of advanced microbial and organic nano minerals which, when used in Agriculture and Lawn Care, results in dramatic reductions in water needs, improved plant health, and higher quality and higher yields in crops.

Replication of results is key to success. Bactelife’s Blend of H2Organix & Nano Minerals

impact on alfalfa, hay crops, corn, and others produced results that exceeded

expectations. With this proof of concept, Bactelife is market ready and expansion is in process

with international demand for large scale orders.

Key Advantages

Farmers reported Bactelife’s H2Organix Blend improvements

• Reduce water and power 50-70%.

• Decrease pests, improve pollinator health.

• Crops matured 1-2 weeks faster with higher nutrient quality and yield.

• Significant yield improvement in Corn, alfalfa, potatoes, and wheat.


Agricultural Areas and Farmers Impacted by

• Water restrictions and drought

• Skyrocketing fertilizer costs

• Need to reduce energy costs

• Shift in industry to transition to climate smart practices.

Our Team

We are always pushing ourselves to reach for new heights in the effectiveness and type of use of Climate Smart products, knowing it can have a huge impact on a global scale.