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City/Parks Lawns

Regardless of the size, all lawns face similar problems: overwatering, nutrient and chemical costs, and negative environmental impacts. These problems are more often a result of how we care for lawns and not the lawns themselves. When the proper soil microbes are introduced into lawns, everything gets better.

Microbes increase plant access to water and nutrients while improving plant resilience to harsh conditions. Switching from a conventional fertilizer approach to a natural connection to nutrients decreases harmful air and land pollution, allowing the soil to regenerate and replenish over time. Lawn owners can reduce existing costs for chemicals and water use. Many lawns are grown without ever considering how plants access vital nutrients and water. We verify that necessary microbiology is established. Once in place, lawns can access nutrients 700 times better, combat harmful diseases, and conserve 25-50% more water. Best of all, they can be applied to new or established lawns, allowing lawn owners to start making a difference today no matter how old the lawn may be.

Case Studies

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