When lawns and crops are managed properly, they become environmental tools, not environmental problems.

soil and water in a quadrant

H2Organix = Water Conservation + Soil Enhancement

Without a healthy soil food web, all you have is dirt. Crops need help and support from a variety of living organisms that help plants source water, acquire nutrients, and increase their resistance to harmful pests and pathogens in the soil. H2Organix infuses a microscopic support system to crops that makes nutrients more available to plants, creates a natural network of water supply, and increases plant health. With this natural network in place, plants can access resources up to 700 times better.

Nature is a process

Our proprietary blend of living organisms and nano sized nutrients create noticeable improvements within the first 6 weeks of first application. These living creatures continue to reproduce and expand within the soil over time and increase their ability to support crops as time goes on.

MICROMIN is a mixture of up to 78 nano minerals that are readily available to plants.

The amount of water and pesticides are reduced and your plants will grow bigger, stronger, and healthier. MICROMIN contains all of the organic minerals your lawns and crops need. MICROMIN is an organic fertilizer containing food for both plants and the microbes necessary for organic gardening, Conventional nitrogen based fertilizers release harmful gasses that impact climate change 262 more than CO2 does.

MICROMIN is climate Smart and does not release harmful gasses into the atmosphere. Once your soil is enriched with these organic fertilizer minerals, it will become more vital, passing its life-giving energy into crops and lawns. As an organic fertilizer, MICROMIN contains the nutrient components a plant needs to reach its fullest potential and thus pass on these nutrients to the human or animal that consumes it.


Home & Garden

Commercial Lawncare and Landscape Providers

  • Four applications of our product throughout the growing season
  • Reduce watering substantially within 90 days
  • Considerably reducing fertilizer on the first day
  • Reduce the impact of pests/harmful fungi
  • A healthier lawn without toxic chemicals

Estimates are done in person by a licensed contractor in your region.



for Lage-Scale Crop Production

  • Increase relative feed value in crops
  • Decrease evaporation rate on crops
  • Decrease water usage without decreasing yield of crops
  • Pilot Program available

Estimates done in-person or via digital meeting.

  • Add value to home & garden
  • Work below fertilizer budgets 
  • Increase durability of turf in high-traffic areas
  • Reduce costs to lawncare professionals   
  • Pilot program available

Estimates done in-person or via digital meeting.



Large Scale Greens

Conserve water - Improve soil
Partner with nature

Decrease your Carbon Foot Print

According to a study by Ohio State University, a 2,000 square foot lawn can remove anywhere between 18 to 52 pounds of carbon from the atmosphere every year.

Increase your Oxygen Foot Print

A lawn this size can produce enough oxygen for a family of four. Lawns are incredible air filters that can both scrub the air we breath and produce vital oxygen.  A 100-foot tall tree and a 1,000 square foot lawn have the same capacity to clean the air we breath.

Decrease your Energy Foot Print

A lawn temperature can be up to 80 degrees cooler than artificial surfaces! A lawn acts like a giant swamp cooler for your home, reducing the amount of energy you need to maintain comfortable temperatures in your home.

Enhance the Soil

With the proper microbes in place, plant roots go deeper and microbes unlock nutrients within the soil. These micro armies clean up harmful contaminants, bind soil, expedite materials to plants, and unlock crucial elements within your soil and fertilizers. As the soil profile improves biologically, fewer resources are needed to keep a lawn healthy and active.