Partners and Investors

There are still opportunities to partner and invest in Bactelife for individuals and organizations with known resources and distribution capabilities. The ideal partner/investor is passionate to provide this solution to reverse desertification and can help increase the rate of accessibility.


In 2021, Bactelife began pilot studies of our technology. As a result, we are able to confidently prove water conservation values, soil improvement, and increases in crop yields and values. We were recognized as winners in a business start-up competition in November 2021 and  received our first investor valuation of $50 Million for Bactelife Lawn and $500 Million – $2 Billion for Agriculture applications. Since that initial evaluation, we’ve gained even more traction in both our product and our business presence.

We’ve certainly surpassed our seeding round in which we raised $570K with a $3 Million valuation.

  • First Round

    $48 Million Valuation - $3.2 Million for Fundraising, $1 Million in sales, and a target goal of December 2022

  • Second Round

    $480 Million Valuation - $32.1 Million in Fundraising, $10 Million in Sales, and a target goal of March 2023

  • Third Round

    $1 Billion Valuation - Fundraising anticipated to be internal, $50 Million in sales, and an undetermined target goal at this time

Current State

We are currently in our First Round of investment. For our initial distributors who come on during 2021, we will offer the opportunity of  up to $10,000 in investment for up to 2,500 shares. Total shares available are limited to 80,000, with an expiration on the offer projected to be June 1, 2023

Interested in Investing More?

Bactelife is extending the opportunity for a substantial investor of up to 6% of the company which is 723,600 shares for $2,894,000. We anticipate meeting our first round valuation by the end of 2022, making the 6% ownership worth an estimated $28,940,000 – with the opportunity of securing more equity in the second round and another option to expand shares going into the third round.

Limited Opportunity

We have the potential of changing lawn care from its current fossil fuel fertilizer dependence  into the first organic, water conservation-minded option that society desperately needs. We are on track to maximize crop yields and reduce resources needed to raise crops in our agricultural testing. We know that society needs us and we are ready to move forward. We look forward to working with you!