Bactelife, Inc. maker of “Climate-Smart” water saving agricultural products awarded Grant from Institute for Land, Water, and Air

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Exceptional drought conditions have forced many states to propose significant changes in water usage, especially in agriculture. In an attempt to address these water shortages, Utah’s Governor Spencer Cox set out to look for a Utah-based solution by setting an aggressive goal for 25% reduction in water usage through the use of innovation driven technologies.

Bactelife, Inc. a Utah based company, took on the challenge and set a goal of 30% reduction in water through utilizing its proprietary combination of nano-tech and bio-fertilizer products. Additionally, the goal was to perform these water reductions without negatively impacting yields or quality of crops. 

Upon completion of the 2022 harvest year in fields throughout Utah and Idaho, results came back with an average water reduction of 70%, with increases in yields and quality of crops tested. “We were shocked by the amount of water we were actually able to save while using these new products. This year far exceeded our expectations in a drought-ridden year for farming,” said Daniel Cluff, President of Bactelife, Inc.

With these results, the Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Opportunity awarded Bactelife, Inc. a one million dollar Climate-Smart grant through the Division of Institute for Land, Water, & Air to expand these products and impact throughout the state. “This is an exciting time to be involved with decision makers, bringing real solutions to critical agriculture and domestic water needs,” said Duane Cutler, CEO of Bactelife, Inc. “Water saving products are needed and necessary, but only represent one side of our product line. Our products also drastically reduce, and in some cases eliminate the need of costly traditional non-organic fertilizers that are not Climate-Smart, and are creating environmental problems which also need to be acknowledged and addressed. We are not looking to replace fertilizer companies, but are looking to add viable product options for these companies to offer to their farmers at a time of dramatic fertilizer cost increases and global shortages.”  

Bactelife Inc. Vice President, Jeremy Andra, presented with Governor Spencer Cox at the Utah Rural Caucus on February 24, 2023, where the Governor reaffirmed his commitment to using innovation and technology to create drought solutions for the rest of the world.  “We are grateful to have such an action-oriented Utah governor that is pushing Utahns to lead in areas of sustainability and Climate-Smart Agriculture which our U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack, is currently funding and advancing on a national level,” said Jeremy Andra.


Bactelife Findings from 2022 Pilot Studies

Bactelife, Inc. performed studies on farms throughout the states of Utah and Idaho. Upon request of a Soil Specialist in Washington D.C, the farms targeted were ones with challenging soil conditions (rocky, sandy, high salinity/alkalinity) and/or leased lands that were depleted of nutrients. The goal was to represent the type of soils and conditions that farmers deal with, while avoiding ideal scenarios they seldom experience.  

Key findings from testing in Bactelife treated fields:

  • Extensive reduction in irrigation water usage
  • Crops matured faster
  • Higher grade and quality of crops
  • Crops saw increase in yields with fewer inputs
  • Fewer pests
  • Lower electric bills for farmers
  • Lower water bills for farmers
  • 50-100% reductions in traditional non-organic fertilizers
  •         Lower electric bills for farmers
  •         Lower water bills for farmers
  •       Extensive reduction in 

Agriculture accounts for approximately 80 percent of the United States’ consumptive water use and over 90 percent in many Western States. With Bactelife’s initial estimation of a minimal 30% water conservation in agriculture, it is realistic to expect a water savings of roughly 4 billion gallons of water per year for every 1,000 acres of farms using the Bactelife products.

 About Bactelife, Inc.

Bactelife, Inc. is a company dedicated to providing the world with Climate-Smart products which promote sustainability and profitability in the agriculture sector. 

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